When Boris Johnson announced lock-down, Ian Dyke immediately sent a message to all his employees.

It read, ‘Who’s up for carrying on working? I’ll make sure everyone is kept safe!’ They all replied with thumbs up  – except one.

Ian Dyke is the owner and founder of Vape-it UK which manufactures and sells vaping e-liquids along with e-cigarettes and all the accompanying paraphernalia. His business has gone from strength to strength since he launched his company in 2012.  He was employing 6 people when Covid-19 struck and they had all been with him for 5 years.  The shop in Bridge street went dead overnight so he decided to move all the retail part of the business to his headquarters in Nightingale farm on the A358 near Hatch Beachamp. He built an extension to his warehouse and offices, created a kiosk at the front and ran the shop from there. Once that was up and running he started a new same day delivery service and a click & collect option.  Business has not suffered at all due to them moving quickly into online ordering. ‘Our customers are just grateful we could carry on supplying them’, he says. ‘The world has totally changed. On-line is the future – it always was going to be that way but Covid has bought it on quicker. We still have the shop here if customers want to visit us to sample our products- and parking is free!

What’s the future for Vape-it? Well, their Facebook followers have risen massively and Ian wants to continue to grow slowly and build on his loyal customer base.  They now have over 160 ‘juice’ flavours! Because he manufactures the e-liquids,  he has always had a wholesale business  supplying  shops in other parts of the country,  and that part of the business has obviously suffered during lockdown –  so he wants to further build on that.

It has always been the same in business- those who are prepared to adapt will succeed and prosper, and Vape-it is a great example of that. Ian is always quick to tell you that he wasn’t the best student at school but he certainly knows how to build a successful business!

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