The Tonedale fitness studio qualifies for the finals of the National Fitness Games.

Four supremely fit individuals recently teamed up to represent Superstar Fitness at the National Fitness Games qualifiers at the Surrey Sports Park in Guildford. Dave Aston, Lee Prowse and Lee Owen who are all coaches at the Taunton and Wellington fitness studios and their client, Matt Hodges, were entered into the Elite Section. “We had never done any sort of competition like this, so we were pretty nervous about being fast-tracked into the Elite group,” says Owen.

The competition examined the team’s credentials in four different areas: Strength, Endurance, Force and Velocity. The team format allows the fortes of each participant to come to the fore, something the Superstar team quickly picked up on in their first competition together.

On the day the Superstar Fitness team was placed 6th out of 13 teams in the Elite Section and above a further 40 teams in the Open Competition. Crucially, their score saw them finish in the top 20 nationwide meaning they progress to the National Finals in Loughborough on 7th September.Stop Press 2

“It was a great and challenging event. It highlighted personal areas I need to work on and improve. It was tough, but massively enjoyable and most of all I’m proud of the team!” Dave Aston

The Superstar guys were driven on through the arduous fitness tests by the memory of their friend, local sportsman Freddie Pring, son of fellow Superstar coach Heather Pring who had tragically died only a few days earlier. “When the going got tough, I was spurred on by Heather’s encouragement and the realisation that the pain I was in was nothing compared to what she’s going through,” reflects Owen.

The team had originally entered in order to inspire the membership at their fitness studios. That goal has been achieved with a team from the Tonedale studio entering a similar contest, the Superhuman Games and another aiming for the Taunton Cross-Fit Championships.

Remembering the brutality of the qualifier – on the Endurance test, for example, the team had to complete 60 burpees, 120 sandbag squats, a 150 calorie burn on the ski ergonometer and 500 metres on the S-force trainer before even beginning the scoring process of burning as many calories as possible on an assault bike in the remainder of the 25 minute time period – the foursome is training in earnest for Loughborough. “We know better now what our strengths and weaknesses are,” says Prowse, “We’re able to work on improving our individual weakest disciplines.”

“Our target is a top ten finish. That would be awesome for a first-time effort,” adds Hodges. They will be carrying the support of th

Stop Press 3

eir growing Taunton and Wellington membership. Word is spreading fast about the bootcamps and personal training on offer at Superstar’s Ton

edale Fitness Studios and there is likely to be a small army of fans heading up to the East Midlands to support them in the September finals.

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