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After all the time that many of us have had to remain inside or at least in our gardens, the regulation of not being able to meet people or go and visit places has changed our priorities – or at least made us realise how lucky we are when we have complete freedom to come and go as we pleased.

I sincerely hope it will make us realise how much we take freedom and the natural world for granted. I’m sure there will be many attractive gardens for those who have diverted their attention to do gardening during the ’lock down’!

As we have been classed as an ‘essential service’ Secret World has worked as usual but with a skeleton staff having furloughed as many staff as we could to try and save expenses.

With the long dry spell that we have had, it has meant that many animals have suffered unable to find food. Hedgehogs and badgers have particularly been affected and it is so sad to see such skeletal animals coming in -some beyond our help. Nocturnal animals out during the day shows that they are having difficulties. A dish of fresh water in the garden is always welcome to wildlife and you can feed wildlife during dry weather as long as you stop once the rain comes and they are able to find their own food. That way the animals do not become dependent upon you and still learn to forage naturally.

We have had a selection of birds brought into our care and we’re just going in to baby bat season. There are lots of stories of our casualties on Facebook and we have been doing live feeds just to let you know that we are still working to help wildlife!

Secret World
bird being hand fed
L E Bat 3 in glue

We had to cancel all our fundraising events such as our open days in August. We are hoping we may still be able to do the Talk at Princess Hall in October and an evening with Mike Dilger at McMillan theatre in Bridgwater on November 22nd. Watch our website for details.

Volunteers are starting to come back to our centre and we will be accepting volunteers if you feel you would like to help in some way. It may be just to collect an animal, helping on site, in the office or with the animals. Any help is always appreciated!

We are always available for advice on 01278 783250.

With best wishes from us all at Secret World Wildlife Rescue – Stay Safe

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